New Wishlist for Your Paparazzi Jewelry

Posted by Shelley Alexander on

By popular demand there is now a Wishlist feature to save your favorite Paparazzi Accessories items.

To use it simply look for the pink Heart on a collection page or a product page and click on it. Simple as that, the item is now in your wishlist.

Note: this will not reserve the item in any way. It only makes it easier for you to find items you like again if you wish to order them later. No items are reserved for you on the site or taken out of inventory until you check out with them in your cart.



Paparazzi Accessories Jewelry wishlist


Paparazzi Accessories Jewelry wishlist product page





To find your wishlist for Paparazzi Jewelry items from, look at the main menu bar on any page





Paparazzi Accessories Jewelry wishlist main menu bar





Create an account at to keep the wishlist of Paparazzi Jewelry items saved and accessible on all your devices. You can add items directly to your cart from the wishlist or share the wishlist via facebook, twitter, google+, email, pinterest, etc.  Invite others to see what great Paparazzi Accessories items you found.




Paparazzi Accessories Jewelry wishlist

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