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We are implementing a teamwide system of success based on over a year of what we've observed is working, feedback from consultants, and the clear need for a set system of activities for new consultants to act on immediately when they join our team. It's a simplistic idea that anyone can implement into their already busy lives. It will work for you in 3 major ways: it will give you specific activities to FORCE consistency, it will automatically recruit and train consultants, and it will earn you more profits!
1. Starting TODAY begin going live on your personal Facebook page every day, once per day, at a set time to feature a few pieces of your inventory. Consider this a commercial and give it a catchy name like: "Live At Five to Feature My Favorite Five!" Or, "Top 10 at 10", or "The Great 8 at 8!" Make this fast enough to be easily watchable, but long enough to be fun, happy, and engaging. At the end of the commercial, say something like, "ALL of these amazing pieces and MORE will be added to my VIP Page at 9 pm tonight! If you're not a member of my page, just ask and I'll add you!"
2. Starting TODAY plan 2 scheduled Facebook live parties per week. These should be the same day and time every week. These parties are crazy fun that simply can't be explained til you do one. I have customers ask and beg every day for me to do a live party. I have lots of new customers that I've never met because of these parties. Do a drawing for a free piece of jewelry for every person who shares your video (have them set the privacy for the shared post to public). You'll get new customers and new teammates from these parties. That's a proven fact.
3. Plan 1 spontaneous Facebook live party per week. Give clues throughout the week as to when it will be if you want to. Make it fun. Create the funnest Facebook jewelry boutique on the Internet!
4. Host a Facebook Party once a month at the same time each month (Last weekend of every month, last Thursday-sunday of the month, EVERY MONTH, etc.) Be consistent. Give prizes to people who add people to the party. This will grow your visibility and your customer base. 5. Create and WORK your VIP PAGE. Implement this System Of Success NOW!!

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