What is Fashion Fix?

Posted by Shelley Alexander on

Fashion Fix is four sets of four pieces per set that you have to sign up for in order to sell. The waiting list is around three months long. You call home office and get on the waiting list. They will take your credit card info and bill your credit card around the fifteenth of the month. You should get your pieces on the 20th and you take preorders for these pieces. The total is $80 for the pieces plus tax and shipping.
Last month the website crashed and it took a long time to get through just to order. I think this one you have to start ordering at Midnight. I ordered from another consultant and I didn’t get any of the pieces I ordered. That’s a negative part of the program.
You need to make sure you want to do this because if you drop out of the program you cannot enter again unless they have open enrollment. They couldn’t tell me when that would be or if it would ever be offered.

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